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Flash highlights examples of forms produced (7)

Flash Chat Room Section 7

In addition to Flash animation has its advantages, in other areas of the network is also widely used, this instance will be described in Flash chat room is a representative example of the ultimate interface as shown in Figure 7.1;

Figure 7.1 Flash chat rooms ultimate interface

This chat room is just a front of the chat interface, in order to realize the functions of chat rooms, but also with such as asp, php scripting language such as to achieve the appropriate daemon, only front interface and back-up control program with the work in order to achieve real chat room.

Flash chat room, each user has a fixed ID, you can set your own nickname, by the message text box, enter chat, chat message through the Send button will send out all the chat will appear in the chat history records text box, you do not want your chats, you can click the Clear button to chat removed.

1. First start the flash, create a video, set video scene size 360px * 335px (unit pixels), set the background color is dark yellow film, color code # 999900.

2. First of all, use the Text tool in the top-down stage draw four text boxes, set the first 1,2, and 4 text boxes to input text boxes, because the first three text to dynamic display chat history, so the first set three text boxes to dynamic text box, and then the four text boxes were set the text variable named id, user, list and msg. At this point the stage as shown in Figure 7.2;

Figure 7.2 Adding a text box on the stage

3. And then use the rectangle tool to draw the four were rounded rectangle, and then move to the four text boxes below, adjust its size and the size of the corresponding text boxes as you can, as the background of each text box, filled with color code # 99CC66 , as shown in Figure 7.3;

Figure 7.3 Add a background to the text box

4. Were added to the four text boxes as shown in Figure 7.4 suggest information to each text box allows users to clear the role and significance:

Figure 7.4 Add a reminder to the text box

5. The next few function buttons to create, such as sending messages, clear the chat button and the like here as long as the production according to their preferences a few simple button, and then ordered to the stage below, in Figure 7.5 below;

Figure 7.5 Add a function button

6. Finally back to the main scene, the first one to add the following Action;

if (id eq "") (
id = "default";
if (name eq "") (
name = "anon";
Send button to add the following Action;
on (release, keyPress "") (
loadVariables ("dochat.asp? action = send", "", "POST");
msg = "";
Clear button to add the following Action:
on (release) (
loadVariables ("dochat.asp? action = clear", "", "POST");

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Zhang Lijun: Hundred Days made hundreds of millions of wealth

Hidden behind the state-owned joint-stock company for many years Zhang Lijun, the operation is to create a capital master of sudden wealth are also hard to believe the myth

First Video Group President and Party Secretary Zhang Lijun, sitting upright security interests of Hong Kong International (hereinafter referred to Yanion International, 0082.HK) between the two directors. Not long ago, the latter with a 240 million dollar cost of the acquisition of the first video Zhang Lijun, a subsidiary of Group of 24.99% stake, and to Zhang Lijun become the majority shareholder Yanion International.

But give the world a surprise, only in more than 100 days ago, the first video of this Group's subsidiary, the net asset value actually only 20 million, the annual loss of several million dollars. Hong Kong An international lavish benefits ex post, as the acquired party, Zhang Lijun in the hands of "the first video group" has become a company with 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars worth of the company.

Hidden behind the state-owned joint-stock company for many years Zhang Lijun, the operation is to create a capital master of sudden wealth are also hard to believe that myth.

Son inserted down the door

"I am now, as the acquired party, became the executive director of the International Security benefits, I was down the door of the son of the plug." Zhang Lijun, had a very vivid example.

Mergers and acquisitions reached under the previous framework, the benefits of international security will be the price of 0.63 Hong Kong dollars per share, issued 385 million new shares (representing the total diluted equity interest An International 33.5%), the first video for the purchase of Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd. (the said TMD1, one of the first video Group subsidiary) 24.99% stake. The Group will therefore be the first video security interests first 240 million dollar international financing support.

After completion of the acquisition, holding 49% TMD1 stake Zhang Lijun, will enjoy the benefits indirectly 25.9% stake in the international security and international security to become the majority shareholder interest. Time, Zhang Lijun net worth will be close to 400 million Hong Kong dollars. Its first video, the Group will take this landed in Hong Kong main board and become a total market value of up to 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars in the online video advertising media group.

Zhang Lijun, 43, graduated from Nankai University in Tianjin, China. In addition to the international executive director of benefit security, the first video outside of the Group Chairman of the Board, Mr. Zhang is also Chairman of the Development Committee of China Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, APEC China Enterprises members of the Assembly and President of International Communications.

Before that, Zhang Lijun, who is also in the interests of the international economy has been Group (founded in 1993, the state-owned group of companies) Chairman of the Board, and Transit Communications Industry Group (mainly engaged in telecom operators and value-added services) President. "I was the first party secretary of the video group." Zhang said.

Simple and practical conversation, Zhang Lijun always implied from time to time: he is the leader of state-owned enterprises. In fact, Mr. Zhang is also a hidden behind the outstanding state-owned enterprises in the business.

Party secretary and businessman

Accumulation of wealth is always a businessman can not stop working. While making the rich may be able to evaluate the speed of whether the business Outstanding. Zhang Lijun, the world economy has a doctorate, is absolutely extraordinary businessman bit.

Zhang Lijun, the first video Group was established in June 1, 2005 with registered capital of 101.5 million yuan. One of China Association of Social Workers, Zhang Lijun personal and transit Communications Group owns 47.3%, respectively, 46.3,6.4% interest.

China Social Work Association is registered with the national Ministry of Civil Affairs community organizations. "In fact the first video group is hanging in the name of the Chinese Association of Social Workers." A source told reporters, Zhang Lijun, as the primary transit system Communications Group founder, so enjoy the 52.7% interest in substantially Zhang Lijun, in A video group has a critical voice.

Zhang Lijun why cooperation with the China Social Work Association, the first video, and the reason it seems very simple. Appears in Zhang Lijun, a private company to cross the domestic media industry qualification and licensing threshold cumbersome, time costs and money costs are out of control.

Now turn around and looked, Zhang Lijun, a strategy with state-owned enterprises, the success of a mess: with the China Social Work Association to cooperate in 5 months, Zhang Lijun, a number of private media successfully got the power can not match the qualifications and licensing.

"In December 2005 the first online video site, I am a low profile." Zhang Lijun said, "I was all the network operators to apply for permission before opening the door for qualification."

Fortune shortcut in teaching

There have been asked Zhang Lijun, the first video nowadays similar group of Internet companies, are often subject to several rounds of venture capital back to the market, why the first video prior to listing, the Group does not accept any risk investment? Mr. Zhang replied that, without introducing risk investment, step by step and do the direct market, it read like a college boy class, you can move faster than others.

Fact seems to be true. He seems to be determined at the outset, so that tens of thousands of bits Kaiwai Alexa ranking first video, step onto Yanion International and the Hong Kong main board.

Formally launched in the first few months after the video Web site, performance at the low ebb Yanion International, and Zhang Lijun reached the merger agreement, to ease the security benefits from the pressure of international investors. And Zhang Lijun, also took the opportunity to leap into the Hong Kong main board listed Yanion International shareholder.

An international long benefits listed in Hong Kong. The design of its main business in investment holding, Chinese manufacturing, trade and contracting.

In recent years, several major benefits An international investment have little effect and lead to a loss year after year. 2005, Yi An international re-loss more than 6700 million Hong Kong dollars, the company has net assets of less than 17 million Hong Kong dollars even. The deadline to December 31, 2005 three years before, the interests of international security has never been declared to shareholders or pay dividends.

Pressure from shareholders, may be beneficial to introduce the first video An International group and rushed the root causes of Zhang Lijun.

Currently, the establishment of the first video Group 4 subsidiaries: TMD1, Beijing Gold Technology Development Co., Ltd. Cayman (hereinafter TMD2), Beijing Hongyu Hao Shuang Advertising Limited (TMD3) and the Beijing Internet era entertainment and cultural development Limited (TMD4).

In the four subsidiaries, TMD2, TMD3, TMD4 other three subsidiaries by the China Social Work Association and co-owned transit communications, 3 total registered capital of 1.1 million yuan. The registered capital of 100 million yuan of TMD1 (Zhang Lijun, 49%, China Social Work Association, 46% stake, Zhongtian communications holding 5%), international security is beneficial to spend 240 million Hong Kong dollars to the subject of mergers and acquisitions.

Yi-an international mergers and acquisitions in the relevant notice on said first video Group has entered into with the TMD1 total agreement for 50 years. Accordingly the agreement, TMD1 in the next 50 years, will be the first exclusive video group video technical support and service, and the right to obtain the first video media, telecommunications value-added services for all groups over 60% of revenue.

"The 25.99% TMD1 equity valuation, or the first video out of the Group to consider future prospects and other aspects which have come." He Weigang Yi An international consultant on the "Financial Times" reporter.

In view of this, Yi-an international 240 million Hong Kong dollars in the acquisition of a large one, perhaps only 50 years of gambling in the general agreement on the. The Group's future earnings to the first video, it seems no one can guarantee.

Reporter from the relevant channels, in the whole 2005, TMD1 to cover all staff salaries, allowances and other costs, but more than 20 million yuan. The Yanion International in August 18 of the circular is also disclosed, TMD1 on April 30, 2006 the net assets of only 222,000 yuan.

This calculation, Zhang Lijun, the equivalent of more than 100 days in this period of time, will be more than 20 million yuan of net assets onto the Hong Kong main board, and in exchange for 240 million Hong Kong dollars of real money. Although the result of mergers and acquisitions become a "back door plug-law," but Dr. Zhang Lijun of the sacrifice is still quite cost-effective.

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Fit, is the best

Selection to integrated assessment

Kang Teer ERP was first contacted in 2005, organized by the company's own team developed a Invoicing systems. With the rapid growth of the company and listing management needs, Kang Teer decision should choose a professional ERP companies, for information management, then they began to selection.

On selection, Kang Teer Electronics Co., Ltd. Information Manager ZHANG Yong said that in the absence of ERP implementation experience of the people, the selection is a very daunting process.

ZHANG Yong-dong said the selection at the beginning, Kang Teer many ERP companies at home and abroad, many of whom are internationally renowned brands such as SAP integrated assessment. But Kang Teer very stressed from the outset, to build a suitable scale and process its own business "fit" ERP project. "Although SAP is a big brand like a very good reputation, but the investment is too large and some smaller, though more expensive ERP products, but it is not conducive to long-term development."

Kang Teer internal assessment being incorporated into the ERP vision brand Le rigorous screening, Bu Jin on the product's reputation in other enterprises and Shi Shi Zhong experience to collect, Erju Huanzaizhexie ERP products in selected cases of successful Ying Yong and Kang Teer similar size to compare companies. In addition, cost considerations for the project implementation consultants and professional experience, Kang Teer is an important factor in selecting partners.

After comprehensive consideration of various aspects, the Kang Teer finally chose Digital's easy to fly ERP. Currently, Kang Teer Invoicing System ERP project, construction of production management system has been completed, the financial system are under construction.

Good use of the "leadership effect"

"ERP is an information system, though, it seems very deep IT application, but the final analysis, they were dealing with things, so, in order to smoothly promote, Bixuyaoyou high-level participation and attention, from the top down in advance. "On the implementation of the experience, ZHANG Yong-authorized or is" number one "project role.

In addition to the boss's approval, the middle-level cadres of the "brainwashing" work is also very important. In summing up the implementation experience, ZHANG Yong highlighted the need to pay attention to nurturing ERP seed.

ERP system is a major enterprise-wide business processes, project engineering, information sector alone the power of a few people, it is difficult to promote timely and effective reform. If you have several seeds in each sector, we can form a spark sufficient to Negative effect and Precaution, greatly reducing the project down the resistance encountered during the advance.

In addition, the seeds are usually the central figure within the department or the management of their training process is often imperceptible process, so that they can reform and innovative high up awareness of the implementation of ERP, ERP is not just an IT aware technology projects, but has the advanced management concept management, ERP implementation will promote the concept of enterprise management update.

Currently, each department Kang Teer company has 2 to 3 ERP seeds, as well the implementation of the Information Ministry aide.

After approval by the boss in order to better promote the EPR implementation at the grassroots level, ZHANG Yong-reward and punishment system is also implemented within the company. According to its introduction, the company strictly enforce the "do today" principle that the documents yesterday, today, must be completed before 12 o'clock, while the afternoon daily by information system data will be checked, for failure to complete the data entry, will be fine processing. Although he acknowledged that doing so will a little early in the implementation of the mandatory mean, however, that mandatory smooth implementation of projects play a crucial role, and data entry to examine the efficiency greatly increased.

As the company's ERP system in the planning and design time can be better integrated into the system over 20 years of management experience, coupled with strict implementation of reward and punishment system, although the process a little rigid, but it makes Kang Teer of the ERP system can more easily was quick to import.

System optimization can not be ignored

Since the code easy to fly God ERP system is imported, the company's process specifications, and data between the various sectors have become transparent and can be shared, greatly shortening the procurement cycle, inventory, greatly reduced. ZHANG Yong disclosed the company's stock six months ago to 200 million yuan, ERP implementation after six months, inventory is greatly reduced to tens of millions, "This is the staff can not match."

The beginning of the line in the system, in order to avoid the system instability caused by data loss, the company has adopted two sets of accounting systems and human practices, "but looking back it is not necessary", ZHANG Yong-joked. After the system on line, most felt, and also the management thinking and management improved.

However, ZHANG Yong also reminded that a lot of CIO in the system after on-line will be greatly relieved, but in fact, the system is more work on the line after the start.

ZHANG Yong said, ERP system is a continuous optimization of the process line in the system about 8 months once the system should be improved. Some companies will process optimization were also cases when the import, but ZHANG Yong suggested that the early implementation of the system into the case should be avoided because it will affect the unity of the system, should be left to develop slowly after the system is stable.

CIO experience:

"Six heart" experience:

Heart: only with the heart to do, information technology project to be successful;

Faith: to believe information system project will be successful;

Sincere: To accept the ERP management thought carefully, but also a team to assist with

Determination: information technology is no turning back;

Perseverance: building ERP system to persevere, not give up halfway;

You mind: to think more of what areas can be improved and optimized.

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Additional team bonus, energy stimulate team

For the marketing team to set the salary system has been discussed for many businesses and headache. If you set a good, you can play a small but powerful chain of effects; if the set is not good, then make the team lifeless, unable to inspire the team dynamic. Now many companies marketing team to set the salary system is generally base salary plus bonus or commission, the basic salary is fixed, while the bonus and commission rate of or are based on sales or profits to reach the floating state. and bonus calculations are set according to some formula, the higher non- the right to determine the distribution of lower bonuses. This is just the hardware evaluation of the marketing team, while the team's cohesion. discipline. team building. execution so they can not use money in the form of assessment. and so it was a blind spot of the assessment team.
So how in the form of bonus marketing team at the same time evaluation of hardware and software, the maximum excitation team dynamic? I believe that the marketing team can effectively set up the team prize to solve this problem. Specifically as follows:
1. Establish the marketing team in various positions in the base of the team bonuses, such as 500 yuan, director of marketing; marketing manager for 400 yuan; marketing director or the Office of the Director of 300 yuan; marketers 200 yuan.
2. Determine the marketing team of software assessment indicators.
3. All the hardware assessment targets marketers pay staff bonuses based on the formula, but the team bonus pay not to be directly calculated.
4. After the end of monthly appraisal software by a higher index based on lower-level team to determine the distribution of bonuses, and pay staff salaries. Should be emphasized that higher levels can only determine the distribution of direct subordinates of the team prize, not leapfrog distribution. Such as marketing general manager only director of marketing team can determine the distribution of bonus, but can not determine distribution, marketing manager of the team bonuses, and so on.
Note: 1. Bonus percentage of total team prize too hard to 5% to 15% more appropriate. If the ratio is too large, it will lead marketers money floating base is too large, is not conducive to marketing team stable and prone to fraud and bribery marketing management phenomena, but the ratio is not easy too low, the ratio is too low there will not achieve the purpose of the assessment team of software.
2. Despite the higher level team can leapfrog to the distribution of bonuses, but the monitor has a responsibility and obligation, once the lower levels found lower in the distribution of bonus among the team of serious anomaly should be ordered to lower-level explanation and correction.
3. To avoid the marketing managers in the allocation of bonuses to team appeared''to do good "for the average distribution of the phenomenon.
This bonus can also be used to set system to other departments, specific methods and issues can refer to the above methods and issues.

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Tencent said the prosecution did not rule out the possibility and Tencent on "Rainbow QQ" war of words re-upgrade. recognition, "Rainbow QQ is a legitimate respective instant messaging supporting software." In response, Tencent response "will make every effort to plug the illegal" and said they did not exclude the use of legal means possible to solve the problem.

Tencent has announced plans to launch a number of measures to shield all illegal QQ plug-in, the main target is to have the "Show IP function", "Show hidden feature" of the rainbow QQ. Later, friends broke the news, rainbow QQ is actually behind the producers CEO Pang Dongsheng. But has denied such claims

However, is a public statement yesterday: "Rainbow software is a legitimate belongs supporting instant messaging software, Tencent no right to arbitrarily identify the Rainbow software illegal." And refers to the software Tencent rainbow of external claims act "and the worm very similar "and" lead to leakage of user information and create security problems "are all false statements," Enterprises can not be too 'QQ'. "

In response, Tencent public hit back: "Tencent will make every effort to safeguard the privacy and information security, illegal plug, actually there are legally registered enterprises engaged in the production of plug-ins, our belief."

Tencent and present a number of operational overlap between, the outbreak of war was both "a battle of wits" due to the escalating. Around the instant messaging tool QQ is Tencent Internet community formed the core of the business, but is the largest outside except Tencent social networking site in July this year, the giant network to 51 million U.S. dollars cash 51.com25% of the shares.

In response, industry analysts point out that the purpose is to plug the rainbow from poached Tencent QQ users, to enrich popularity and cash flow for their contribution. This approach would certainly lead to resentment Tencent. However, legal experts said that under the relevant provisions of the "PW", "external" Internet publishing and other acts of unlawful activities, they should crack down hard. But even to sue Tencent I am afraid not so easy, we must grasp the very solid evidence, while Chen Shoufu and compared on coral QQ, has a stronger background. The two sides of a lengthy legal battle or will this began.

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How GIS abstract surface features of space?

GIS first problem to be solved is how to use computer technology to describe and express complex spatial surface features and their spatial relationship?

GIS uses highly abstract method of abstract space surface features or phenomena into several basic types - point, line, surface and composite objects.
Spatial position relationship between surface features used to describe the topological relations.

Point data with a specific location, the expression of discrete distribution for space object; below shows the distribution of educational outlets.

Line data type is an abstract linear features or phenomena. The figure is a toll station and the flyover of the linear expression (data cloud from the Beijing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xing Yu Capital Highway Development Co., Ltd. to provide).

Surface expression of a certain spatial range of data and area of spatial entities, spatial coordinates of this data type is a closed chain said. The figure shows the number of ground-like city data.

Composite object used for point, line, surface expression of complex surface features can not be abstract, by point, line, surface expression of a combination.

Topological relations between surface features used to express complex spatial position relationship, such as railway and administrative relationship between the distribution of rivers as water sources and the relationship between residential areas, water pipelines and facilities and the control valve relations. GIS spatial relationship to features on the abstract to the dots, between the lines, between the surface and surface, between points and lines, point and area between the line and face a variety of spatial topological relations between , including the "adjacent", "Deviation", "intersect", "contains", "coincidence" and the expression of the relationship.

Different purpose, on the same surface features of the abstract method is also different. Million population of the country such as the distribution of large cities, the cities can be abstracted as points, but on the management of urban infrastructure, the city can not simply be a point-like surface features of the.

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SuperBurner DVD to iPod

SuperBurner DVD to iPod is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video/movie formats to iPhone MP4 format. The output iPod MP4 video files can be played on your Apple iPod. All popular video/movie formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV, etc. The amazing output quality with super fast conversion speed is brough you by the built-in power MPEG4 encoder. All the output iPod MP4 videos fit your Apple iPhone.

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