Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flash highlights examples of forms produced (7)

Flash Chat Room Section 7

In addition to Flash animation has its advantages, in other areas of the network is also widely used, this instance will be described in Flash chat room is a representative example of the ultimate interface as shown in Figure 7.1;

Figure 7.1 Flash chat rooms ultimate interface

This chat room is just a front of the chat interface, in order to realize the functions of chat rooms, but also with such as asp, php scripting language such as to achieve the appropriate daemon, only front interface and back-up control program with the work in order to achieve real chat room.

Flash chat room, each user has a fixed ID, you can set your own nickname, by the message text box, enter chat, chat message through the Send button will send out all the chat will appear in the chat history records text box, you do not want your chats, you can click the Clear button to chat removed.

1. First start the flash, create a video, set video scene size 360px * 335px (unit pixels), set the background color is dark yellow film, color code # 999900.

2. First of all, use the Text tool in the top-down stage draw four text boxes, set the first 1,2, and 4 text boxes to input text boxes, because the first three text to dynamic display chat history, so the first set three text boxes to dynamic text box, and then the four text boxes were set the text variable named id, user, list and msg. At this point the stage as shown in Figure 7.2;

Figure 7.2 Adding a text box on the stage

3. And then use the rectangle tool to draw the four were rounded rectangle, and then move to the four text boxes below, adjust its size and the size of the corresponding text boxes as you can, as the background of each text box, filled with color code # 99CC66 , as shown in Figure 7.3;

Figure 7.3 Add a background to the text box

4. Were added to the four text boxes as shown in Figure 7.4 suggest information to each text box allows users to clear the role and significance:

Figure 7.4 Add a reminder to the text box

5. The next few function buttons to create, such as sending messages, clear the chat button and the like here as long as the production according to their preferences a few simple button, and then ordered to the stage below, in Figure 7.5 below;

Figure 7.5 Add a function button

6. Finally back to the main scene, the first one to add the following Action;

if (id eq "") (
id = "default";
if (name eq "") (
name = "anon";
Send button to add the following Action;
on (release, keyPress "") (
loadVariables ("dochat.asp? action = send", "", "POST");
msg = "";
Clear button to add the following Action:
on (release) (
loadVariables ("dochat.asp? action = clear", "", "POST");

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